Spectacle of Villages

"The world as one sees it is the world of the spectacle." Global capitalism extends its dictatorship in both breadth and intensity. In less industrialized places, its domination is already emerging from the presence of certain star products, and it is already acting as imperialist domination in areas where productivity development is leading.

The spectacle as evidence of the domination of global capitalism is already present in less industrialized regions like the village in China. The appearance of products such as Roman column fences, the western style flower bed, and the Mickey Mouse model reflects the alienation of the village's original appearance. In this project, I visited several villages in Zhuhai, a third-tier city in China, and documented the western elements in these Chinese villages. I attempted to show the existence of these spectacles in a relatively objective way. Also, to illustrate their self-gaze generated in the juxtaposition with the original appearance of the villages.

Spectacle of Villages
Inkjet print
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