In patriarchal societies, male viewing becomes a gendered viewing force, a "male gaze". As Foucault argued, the "gaze" is a confrontational relationship between looking and being looked at. In this context, the male gaze pervades every aspect of life, whether in television commercials, movies, or toy action figures. Therefore, in this work, I have photographed the female character in the masculine figurative work of the Transformers, and have adopted a typological approach by punching holes in the nipples of the image as a female sex symbol and placing a mirror behind it. The presence of this mirror changes the result of the male gaze into a gaze at himself, thus dissolving the gaze and the "gaze pleasure" it creates in this relationship. At the same time, the presence of the mirror can also make the viewer think about his “gazing” behavior in a self-reflective way.

Inkjet print on KT board

Installation view