I am the River

I am the river. The book Siddhartha tells people, "There is only 'now' for the river." So is the human being that exists in the present with an unchanging nature and a changing state. In essence, people are no different from rivers. Moreover, the river can symbolize a combination of the eternal self and the individual self. The eternal self is consistent, while the individual self is constantly changing. According to Scott Schiller, "Man exists only when he changes; he exists only as long as he remains unchanged".

In their similarity, a transcendental harmony emerges, which exists in their unity—the world. I am the river. I am part of nature, and I am part of the world. By virtue of the similarity between me and the river, I reach unity with the world to some extent. The latter is changing but eternal and harmonious, and so is myself. The world and I share one common voice: "om". Therefore, in this project, I shoot several rolls of continuous images of a river and myself with an analog film camera and record sounds of the river and myself speaking "om." Since the camera has a hand-operated shutter, the resulting images are directly influenced by my body movements. Some of them became continuous and partially overlapped pictures. In addition, I combine images and sound into a short film, which illustrates the unity of me and the world. Also, images that appear in the film can present rivers and human beings' characteristics of "unchanging nature but changing state."

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGdrljH4MHI
Installation view: