Is It Right Because It Has Always Been Like That?

从来如此 便对么?

Institutionalization seems to turn people into what society wants them to be. Its influence has been carried out throughout the Chinese people's life: the first half of all people's life revolves around parents and society's expectations, as if going to college is the ultimate goal of this life. Then, to find a stable job and marry a girl is destiny after graduation. Institutionalization not only brings an ideology but also a set of value systems and behavior modes. It has an explicit structure, an invisible or stable structure, which fundamentally restricts and guides people's thinking, action, and emotional form and expression. However, is it true that what has always been thought to be right is always right?

In this Internet era, more and more young people are sharing their ideas and showing different ways of life on media platforms, which is undoubtedly a silent protest against institutionalization. Staying independent and critical is the only way to create an independent personality in this institutionalized context. As Lu Xun asked, "Is it right because it has always been like that?”[1] Internet video uploaders are saying the same thing, to some extent. Therefore, in this project, I appropriated dozens of uploaders’ video images and saved them in the form of mouth screenshots. Then, with adjusting transparency and color, they were overlapped and combined into seven pictures to express the general revolt of uploaders against institutionalization. Simultaneously, the similar framing of these photos indicates another institutionalization, which is waiting for being criticized in the future.

Is It Right Because It Has Always Been Like That?
Inkjet print

Installation view